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Lawn Fertilization Articles

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Join the Annual Lawn Care Plan - So much more than fertilizer

Gone are the days of a complicated lawn care program and all the hassle. With GreenView Fairway Formula fertilizers, you only need two applications per year.
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Enjoy a weed-free lawn with easy-breezy application you can do yourself!

Check this out - an all in one solution for weed and feed with integrated spreader that’s lightweight, handheld and battery-powered. 
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It's time to fertilize your lawn

Fall in the northern U.S. is an ideal time for lawns to recover from summer stress and to build a strong foundation for a healthy turf for next year. Learn why fertilizing your lawn now will get your lawn off to a great start for next year.
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Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Program

Leave your lawn care worries with us - let the experts guide you – enjoy the added benefits of becoming a GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Today! Find out more...
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Plan now, to prevent crabgrass this spring!

Experts say the time to prevent crabgrass is in the early spring. Timing is critical, so here’s what you need to do.
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What should I know about fertilizing my lawn?

A healthy lawn not only looks good, but it is good for the environment when properly cared for. A few simple reminders will ensure you are following best management practices.
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Greenview and a golfer's lawn

Read how an Annual Lawn Plan member's lawn went from crabgrass to weed-free in just two applications!
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Lawn Plan member's lawn goes from brown to wow - in just one year!

One-step way to fertilize and control lawn weeds for 12 weeks

A green lawn delivered to your door

One of the more perplexing problems in keeping the lawn healthy is knowing what to apply when and how much.
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Lawn experts grow roots

The average homeowner grows grass blades, but professional lawn care experts fertilize to grow strong roots.
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Eco-friendly fertilizers

Fertilizers containing slow release nutrients cut waste while maintaining performance.
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Lawn fertilizer facts

Grasp the fundamentals of fertilizers and select the right one for your lawn.
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Organic fertilizers for the lawn

Fast release chemical fertilizers pose a significant environmental concern. The better approach is to use an organic or slow-release chemical fertilizer. Find out how they perform.
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How to calculate the amount of nitrogen in a fertilizer bag

Step by step instructions in how to calculate how much nitrogen is being applied with each bag of fertilizer.
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Understanding fertilizer ingredients and N-P-K numbers

The label on every fertilizer bag is required to show the percentage by weight of nitrogen, available phosphate and soluble potash, also commonly referred to as N-P-K numbers.
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Meth-Ex 40 and MESA time release nitrogen in Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizers

Meth-Ex 40 and Mesa time release technologies are the primary ingredients for the environmentally friendly Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizers.
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What is Time Release Nitrogen?

Nitrogen that is formulated to release steadily over a prolonged period of time is referred to as time-released, slow released and water insoluble nitrogen (WIN) fertilizer.
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Greenview's 2-Step Program Takes the Guesswork Out of Lawn Care

In addition to lasting twice as long as other brands of fertilizer, Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizers with weed killer, reduces the number of fertilizer applications you need to put down in spring. 
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Greenview's Patented 2-step Fertilizer Technology and Weed Control

Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizers utilize patented time-released nitrogen technology developed for, and used by, over half the championship golf courses in the United States.
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Lawn Feeding Requirements

Major universities that do research in lawn care management recommends a fertilizer that supplies 1.5 lbs. of nitrogen be applied to the lawn in fall to follow the natural growth cycle of grass plants.
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Fertilizing for Deep Root Growth

Lawn care experts recommend fertilizing the grass plant to develop a strong root system which produces a healthy, thick, weed free lawn.
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When to Fertilize the Lawn

When is the best time to apply fertilizer? Spring fertilization is important and is generally combined with weed control, but don't forget to fertilize again in fall.
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How to Read a Guaranteed Analysis Label

Learn how to read the label and understand the ingredients in fertilizer.
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Late Fall Fertilization Benefits

Everyone fertilizes in spring, but did you know that late fall is the best time to fertilize for root growth.  Deep, vigorous roots produce a thick, green and weed free lawn in spring.
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