About GreenView

With our GreenView® lawn fertilizers and grass seeds, you are receiving the benefit of the same advanced technologies and proprietary ingredients as used on championship golf courses. Our zero phosphate lawn fertilizer line demonstrates our continued environmental commitment. GreenView® offers a full line of fall and spring lawn fertilizers; proprietary grass seeds and seed starting products; weed control, disease and pest control products; and tree, plant and shrub fertilizers to keep your lawn and garden beautiful all year long. Order directly from our online store.

About Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation is a manufacturer of lawn and garden, wild bird food and professional turf products. Our brands include; Preen, GreenView Fertilizers and Grass Seed, Lyric Wild Bird Food, Lebanon Pro, ProScape and Woodace.

We have manufactured lawn and garden products for the consumer lawn and garden, professional sports turf, landscape and golf course markets since 1947. The company was founded in Lebanon, PA and remains headquartered in the same town 60 years later. Built on a commitment to new product research and development, Lebanon Seaboard continues to introduce advancements in technology through the creation of new product lines that out-perform competitive brands. Our customers span the globe as we provide turf products that are used on the worlds finest championship fairways.

By choosing GreenView Fertilizer and Grass Seeds, you are receiving the benefit of the same advanced technologies as used on championship golf courses. Lebanon Seaboard Corporation has prospered over half a century in an industry constantly challenged by change and competition. We continue to remain resilient and dedicated to the customers we serve. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Katherine Bishop, President, CEO, Chairman
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation