Major universities that do research in lawn care management recommend that most of the nitrogen be applied to the lawn in the fall — not in the spring.

Tree in the fall

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer follows university recommendations and supplies 1.5 pounds per thousand square feet of nitrogen in the fall and 0.9 pounds per thousand square feet in the spring (Reference Article: How much nitrogen is being applied).

Applying more nitrogen in the fall supports the natural growth cycle of grass plants, which use more nutrients in the fall when they are growing deep roots and storing nutrients for the winter.

Other brands of fertilizer supply most of the nitrogen in the spring — nearly two (2) pounds per thousand square feet. This produces excessive top growth which means you are mowing every few days during the spring. Too much nitrogen in the spring hurts the health of your grass!

According to the University of Minnesota Extension Service:

"Too much nitrogen leads to excessive shoot and leaf growth, reduced root growth, low carbohydrate reserves, poor tolerance of environmental stress and increased susceptibility to some diseases."

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