Fall cool-season lawn
Fall is one of the most important times to fertilize cool-season grass, so when you go to grab the rake, don’t forget to pick up some fall fertilizer too!
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As the seasons begin to change, help your cool-season lawn recover from the drought and heat stress of summer with a fall fertilizer application. By healing the effects of summer and preparing grass roots for winter, fall fertilizers will give your lawn the strength it needs to make it through the colder months and green up early in spring.

Fall Fertilization Promotes a Healthier Lawn All Year Long

Applying fertilizer in the fall isn’t just beneficial for your lawn during the fall months, it also helps build a great foundation for a healthy lawn all year round.

Here are three key ways that a fall fertilizer application can contribute to the overall health of your cool-season grass:

  1. Rehabilitates Summer Lawn Damage

If you have a cool-season lawn, whether it’s Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or one of the fescue varieties, and it’s been a hot, humid summer, it may be showing signs of stress. If this is the case for your yard, do not panic. Once cooler temperatures rebound for the fall, a fall fertilizer application is all your lawn will need to rebound before winter sets in.

Over summer, the roots of cool-season grasses shorten as top growth uses up underground reserves found within these roots. An application of fall fertilizer will help boost root development and work to repair any damage that summer heat stress may have caused.

  1. Provides Key Nutrients for Maintenance in Fall

When it comes to fall lawn fertilizer, the most important component of the formulation is nitrogen and that a high percentage of this nitrogen is slow-release. Nitrogen helps plants stay green, encourages plant cell development, and strengthens roots. Slow-release nitrogen releases the nutrient in a controlled, steady manner which allows for slow, even greening in fall and an early green-up in the spring. When nitrogen is released slowly, it’s better for the lawn and better for the environment too.

  1. Prepares the Lawn for Early Spring Green-Up

When the weather begins to cool and the grass is no longer feeding, slow-release fall fertilizers remain in the soil. This results in a readily available store of nutrients that a lawn can feed on for a quick green-up when the weather heats back up in the spring. So, while your neighbor’s lawn is still brown and dormant from the winter, your lawn will be greening up nicely fueled by your fall fertilizer application.

Revitalize your lawn this fall and prepare to get things headed in the right direction for the year to come with GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer, a pro-grade, premium formulation fertilizer. Here are just three things that make GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer superior:

  • Proprietary slow-release nitrogen sources that feed grass for up to 12 weeks.
  • The highest percentage of slow-release nitrogen content on the market, with a 59% slow-release nitrogen formulation that promotes better nitrogen absorption by the lawn and less of a chance of runoff.
  • It’s part of a two-step annual lawn care program that saves time and money with just one lawn treatment in the fall and one in the spring.

When you apply GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer to your lawn, follow these tips for best results:

  • Make a single fertilizer application in the early fall.
  • Apply when nighttime temperatures are in the 60’s.
  • Time application right before rainfall is expected or plan to water thoroughly after application.
  • Check state or local ordinance for the required application rate.