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What our customers are saying

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Steve A.

"Outstanding Customer Service + Product Assurance + Excellent Product = Nice Looking Yard
My neighbors pay for professional lawn service and as you can see from the picture there seems to be no difference. In fact, I give the edge to my lawn with only one fertilizer treatment…”

Steve A. | Maryland

Photo submitted by Steve A., MD June 2013

I've been using GreenView products for several years, and have used them on lawns of varying age spanning three different homes. Our current home has a lawn that was newly established (Kentucky Bluegrass sod), and is in its second year of life. GreenView products have helped our lawn to establish itself, and thrive. We're very pleased and will remain loyal customers for years to come. While everyone else is applying Scotts too early in the year, I patiently wait for my GreenView order to arrive, assured that the application will be administered at the optimal time. And results are reliable, and consistent. Couldn't be happier!


Joe D. | Michigan

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Joe D.

Photo submitted by Joe D., MI June 2013

I have been using Lebanon’s slow release lawn fertilizer since it was recommended by a radio personality who was a former greens keeper almost 25 years ago. Since I began using your product, my neighbors tell their lawn service that they want their lawn to look just like mine. By cutting high and using your fertilizer, I have a lush well-colored lawn...


Joseph H. | Pennsylvania

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Joseph H.

Photo submitted by Joseph H., PA June 2013

Thanks for making our yard something that brings us a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment!

Dan. W. | New Jersey

"…Lawn is looking good as usual - Always the best looking lawn on the block."

George C. | Massachusetts

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review George C.

Photo submitted by George C., MA June 2013

“…your Spring Weed and Feed w/Crabgrass preventer has successfully been applied and results are excellent.

Family members are impressed by the fact that I only use a Spring / Fall application schedule. At my age a 5/step program isn't acceptable…”


Roger L. | Massachusetts

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Roger L.

Photo submitted by Roger L., MA June 2013

"Dear GreenView,

I can't tell you enough how pleased I am with my lawn this year!!!! ... it is soooo green and the grass just looks incredibly healthy! It has really thickened up as well and that is after a very dry winter here in New Jersey. I really had my doubts about the lawn this year but after putting down the crabgrass and weed n feed for spring it just took off! I actually am shocked as it really did not look good beforehand. So thank you so much for your great product and your expertise in how to spread it. You have made lawn care sooo easy and simple…


Roger N. | New Jersey

P. S. I know this might seem like over the top praise but if you had seen the lawn prior to it's feeding this year you would not have believed the difference!”

“We applied our spring fertilizer (Fairway Formula spring fertilizer with crabgrass preventer) a few weeks ago. This is the second year we've been on the annual lawn plan. Our lawn looks awesome! It is very thick and green; a noticeable difference from our neighbors. We had a very shady area in which my husband racked out some moss.  Grass is even starting to grow into those areas!  Great product.”

Debbie R. | Ohio

"Dear GreenView,

One of my customers made a recommendation that I try your products… So I trusted his recommendation and was happy with the results I accomplished within the first year of use. I used your Tall Fescue seed and signed up for your yearly plan. Second year of use I became very aware of the quality of products I was being supplied with from GreenView. Yard had gone through a complete transformation from being completely destroyed by the competitive products to a lush and almost weedless lawn. And no crabgrass. I could stand between my neighbor’s lawn and mine a see a noticeable line of healthy lawn and a not healthy lawn. Infested with crabgrass and weeds on one side and very little on the other. Third year with your products and advice and again the yard looks great. You have a dedicated customer. You are selling quality products and to me, that has no price tag. You are saving me money and time over the long run. I could go on forever. Thanks for all the help.”

Robert M. | Pennsylvania

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Robert M.

Photo by Robert M., PA June 2013

“I have attached a recent picture of a portion of my back lawn. I am more than pleased with the results I get from your products which I have used since 2009. I never, ever got these results from the Scotts 4 step program which I used annually for over 20 years. “


Neil W. | New York

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Neil W.

Photo by Neil W., NY   June 2013

“My lawn looks great! First time in years - One application and you’re done.

Thank You.”

Rich F. | Michigan

“… My lawn is looking better this year… the bare spots are all healed and filled in and the lawn is getting thicker and staying green. Thank you for the great product.“

Norm V. | Virginia

“…According to the specifications, it is the slowest release fertilizer available at retail, and I see no point in purchasing cheaper fertilizer that immediately washes down into the groundwater, then to the Chesapeake Bay. “


Peter M. | Maryland

“GreenView fertilizer has been the best fertilizer I have ever used. Initially what caught my attention was only two applications per year. As with most I was a four step fertilizer before so I figured this would save some cash and decided to give it a try. I was astonished at the results. My neighbors began to ask what I was using for fertilizer and also joined the program. I don't have any before pics, but over the past 3 years every year has been a vast improvement. The rear yard receives much shade but with GreenView's dense shade seed mix this year it looks almost like a fairway and you can see from the one pic how much shade it gets. I had great success with the Roots Tree Saver also, that I used on a blue spruce that was not looking too good and root bound. Four weeks later it has new growth all over so of course I used it to plant my new shrubs with. Thanks GreenView for all of your excellent products.”

Carlton B. | Michigan

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Carlton B.

Photo by Carlton B., MI   June 2013

“I have been using your product for three cycles and the results have been dramatic. Greener, fuller, healthier... Impressive! Approximately, 90% of my dandelions and crabgrass issues are gone for a fraction of what my neighbors pay for similar results.
Thank you for your help!”

Michael B. | New Jersey

“Last year I got tired of mowing weeds.  So last fall I removed the top two inches of my lawn.  Aerated it. Added top soil and compost.  Limed it.  Then added GreenView starter fertilizer, GreenView Sunny grass mix, raked it all in, covered it with salt hay, watered it and that was it. This Spring I added GreenView fertilizer with weed killer and then a few weeks later a little GreenView Lawn Food to green it up  a bit.  You can see the result.

Much thanks GreenView.”

Martin S. | New York

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Martin S.

Photo by Martin S., NY   June 2013

“My lawn looked hopeless at the start of the season. I thought I would need to call in a professional. But after applying your spring fertilizer, my lawn looks very lush and green. Thanks for a great product!”

Howard S. | New Jersey

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Howard S. Lawn 1GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Howard S. Lawn 2

“Here is pic of our yard - your product works great pic says it all!”

John C. | New York

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review John C.

“I applied the fertilizer 2 days after it arrived when the grass was still wet and it has eliminated 90% of the weeds….It looks as good as it ever had though.”

Chris S. | Pennsylvania

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Chris S.

Photo by Chris S., PA June 2013

"Dear GreenView,

I am a loyal GreenView fertilizer user and have been using your product for many years.  What I love about your program is that it is a simple, two application process that truly gives consistently great results! The Fairway Formula Spring fertilizer combines feeding, weed prevention and crabgrass prevention all in one, then in the fall, one application of the Fairway Formula Fall fertilizer, and you're done!  Cost wise it appears to be more expensive, but when you factor in the all the separate steps of other brands, the cost is most likely comparable. The savings in time and the beautiful results are well worth it!

After years of going to select stores to find and buy your product, I discovered your annual program, where you send the product when it is time to apply it in my region.

Again, simplifying my life!  My neighbors admire my lawn, and think that I do all this special work, I tell them about your product, but they still insist on a "lawn Care service" or another brand, neither compares to the results I get! In short, I love your product!”

David K. | Maryland

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review David K.

Photo by David K., MD June 2013

“I have been using your Fairway Spring and Fall Fertilizer plan for two years now.

This is the best fertilizer I have ever used. I had previously tried Scotts and other leading brands and they did not work. This product will give you a thick green healthy lawn.

This early spring I had the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. My neighbors asked me if I already fertilized my lawn this spring and I told them no this is from my Fairway Fall Fertilizer….”


Joe K. | Rhode Island

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Joe K.

Photo by Joe K., RI June 2013

“… I love the plan and the service I receive from your company. The ease of working with your products is absolutely outstanding; you send the product when it should be put down twice a year. You even tell me the spreader setting required. …I will stick with the plan because you remove all of the guess work.

As for the cost and quality, your product produces results far superior to what is offered by any local lawn service provider at about a seventh of the cost. My neighbors, and even a few service people that have come out to my home for repairs, have repeatedly asked why my lawn is so thick, green and resistant to the heat. I tell them that I do only two things different. First I aerate and over seed every fall, and most importantly I use your products. I know of at least one neighbor that has fired his lawn service and is putting down your products now. I don't know if they use the annual plan or not, but I suggested it.

You have outstanding products and customer service. I couldn't be happier with my plan. Thank you for the outstanding products.”

Thomas H. | Maryland
(Member since March 2007)

“I am a new user of GreenView this year, and so far am happy--the product arrived as promised although we hit some weather issues right after delivery and I had to wait about a week to apply. The fertilizer component is definitely working great! ...  I was happy to find a product with slow release nitrogen and no phosphate as I am on a pond and was becoming discouraged of finding a lawn care product/company that did not recommend 4 (or more!) fertilizer applications each year, when I knew that spring and fall fertilization was optimum.”

Jeanne R. | Massachusetts

“I have tried everything you can buy in a store, I have even tried having someone come out to service my sod, then I found Green View and you guys are far more superior than any other company!! Thank you for your exceptional customer service since I have been with you for the last 4 years!! I would never use another company other than GreenView!!!”

Marty H. | Pennsylvania

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan Preferred Customer Review Marty H.

Photo by Marty H., PA June 2013

“I had previously used a 4-step program that’s so heavily promoted but was never fully satisfied at the results it delivered.  I’m one of those guys who wants the very best lawn in town and is willing to not only pay more but also spend more time to get it. I am happy to report that I have NEVER had such great results since switching to your 2-step program last year. It’s less expensive, takes a fraction of the time and delivers BETTER results.  You have a great product and thanks for giving me a beautiful and a whole bunch more free time!”

Tim B. | Massachusetts

“I normally don’t send responses like this. I purchased your lawn weed control with fertilizer.  I have never had much luck with any of the top of the line products.  Your product has produced a very good lawn, free of weeds and GREEN. I would say that your product has produced a value that is extraordinary for the cost. Not only is my lawn the healthiest, it has been since we move in 5 years ago, but the base spots are filling in nicely (I didn’t expect this).  I would recommend this product and will definitely purchase it again.

Joe D. | New Jersey

P.S. - My daughter also compliments you as well. Her comment to me was that our grass is just as green as our neighbors and they happened to have a service come out to take care of their lawn.”

"I use GreenView Spring and Fall Fertilizers exclusively."

Keith H. | New York

"The GreenView Spring fertilizer with weed control worked better that anything I used during the past few years. I had just about given up on my lawn and your spring fertilizer fought off the weeds and brought my lawn back from the dead! Now I recommend GreenView to anyone who shows the slightest interest in lawn care."

Greg L. | North Carolina

Thick and healthy home lawn

"My Internet search landed on the GreenView web site, where I found a wealth of information and 'people who really knew about the care of lawns.

Even better is the subscription service I signed up for, which ships me the right GreenView product at the right time.

I have had great results with the program that I have implemented. I have followed GreenView’s recommendations as close as possible and my neighbors all remark how beautiful our lawn is. They all ask how much water I am putting on, and I have to tell them that I am not watering as much as some of them are. The roots are thick and deep."

Ron D. | Iowa

"Dear Lawn Gods,

Last year when I subscribed to your on-line service, I was somewhat skeptical of your advertising regarding your Fall Fertilizer. You stated that this product was a proprietary product only sold to your customers. I just figured it as another marketing ploy, but would give it a try anyway. Well was I wrong! Your fertilizer dutifully performed its designed function with wonderful results. So much so, that I have already had neighbors asking what I was using to make the lawn look so good. Needless to state they were very surprised when they heard it was from your fertilizer I spread last October.

Anyway, thanks for producing a product that 'Walks the Talk'. I will definitely continue to use your subscription program. Pass this note on to your chemists, they deserve a pat on the back for a job well done."

Paul R . | Washington

"As I've said in the past emails to your company…your product is truly outstanding and I've been using it for as long as I can remember, 10 yrs maybe?…Thanks for your time and an awesome product!!!"

Bob K. | Connecticut

"I am so glad that I found this website. I found your product by accident earlier this year in Ithaca NY while my wife was shopping for trees. It has produced by far the best results I have ever experienced from any lawn product. Thank you."

Kevin M. | New York

"I have owned my home for four years. For the last 2 seasons I have used GreenView and I could not be happier with the results I'm seeing….One neighbor asked me if I was building a golf course and another said he had never seen grass as green as mine. I take pride in my property and am very pleased GreenView has helped me along. I just wanted to let you know of the quality of your product, and also it's affordability. My lawn has never looked better. I will be a GreenView customer for years to come. Thanks for making my lawn the envy of the neighborhood."

Edward M. | Massachusetts

Just two steps. Just that easy.




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