Aeration lawn plugs
Once the soil plugs have dried on the grass, they can be broken apart manually or you can let nature do the job. Either way, the plugs will decompose and provide your lawn with important nutrients.
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Summer is coming to a close, and while lawn care may be the last thing on your mind, taking proper care of your grass now is one of the key steps towards a successful lawn. By preparing your grass for the winter ahead, you give your yard a head start, not only to survive the cold, but to come out on top in the spring.

Two important fall lawn care practices are aerating and overseeding. They should be considered once every two years as a part of a fall care regimen. A lot of this consideration will depend on the current health of your lawn, so it’s important to step back and do an evaluation.

Lawn aeration effects
Aeration helps roots to obtain the nutrients they need to grow deep and strong, resulting in hardier grass that is more tolerant of traffic, heat, and drought.
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To aerate a lawn, a spike or plug aerator is used. These tools create holes in the ground that allow for nutrients to reach the grass roots. A plug aerator is preferable for this since it not only puts holes into the soil, but it brings up small plugs from the soil, breaking up compacted soil and thatch, and adding nutrients to the lawn as the plugs decompose on the grass.

If you opt for a spike aerator, you may find that you don’t get a return on your investment, as your grass lawn may end up being more compacted due to only poking holes into the ground.

Core aeration provides many benefits to the soil, such as

  • Providing the ability for root strengthening
  • Increasing cushioning and stress tolerance of the lawn
  • Improving uptake of oxygen, water, and fertilizer
  • Relieving soil compaction and thatching to allow for better nutrient and water absorption
  • Preparing for better seed to soil ratio when overseeding

Since you only need to aerate your yard once every other year, renting an aerator is a great choice for the job. You can find rentals at your local hardware store or box retailer.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is a relatively simple task that can give your lawn a huge boost both in the fall and the seasons to come. To ensure that you get the most out of your lawn aeration, follow these steps:

  1. The day before you aerate, water your lawn.

  2. If you plan to overseed your lawn, cut the grass low before aerating.

  3. Aerate the grass.

    Once ready to aerate, make passes over the lawn with the aerator, being sure to follow all directions for the machine that you choose. The amount of passes you make across your lawn will depend upon the type of aerator that you use.

  4. Allow the soil plugs to remain on the grass.

    The plugs will absorb into the ground the next time it rains or when you water your lawn. Conversely, you can run your mower over them or use the back of a rake to break down the plugs once they have dried.

  5. Overseed your grass.

    Once the aerating is complete, your lawn is ready to be overseeded. And while overseeding is not required, it is helpful to thicken grass and ensure that weeds do not germinate in the holes left by the aerator.

4 Steps to Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding your lawn after aeration, even if it does not have bare areas, is a great way to thicken the grass and give it a more lush and full appearance. Not only that, but overseeding after aeration will allow for seeds to have direct contact with the soil and the nutrients they need, which often leads to quicker germination.

Here are four simple steps to overseed your lawn:

  1. Apply seeds by hand or using a spreader (always be sure to follow spreader settings).
  2. Gently rake in the seeds.
  3. Apply a light application of starter fertilizer.
  4. Slightly water the area where you planted the grass seeds.

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