Spring Lawn

For some people, the first sign of spring occurs when they can walk out the door in the morning without a jacket. For others, it’s the day they get outside and start cleaning up their yard. Birds are chirping, the sun rises earlier and everyone seems to be in a better mood. All the signs are here, so now it’s time to take the steps to get your lawn off to the right start.

Check out our spring lawn-care tips to get your yard ready for the most enjoyable months of the year:

Sharpen your tools

If you haven’t already, head out into your garage or shed to clean, sharpen and tune up all of your garden tools, mowers, trimmers and other equipment to make sure they’re ready for the season.

Clean up gently

Avoid any heavy yard work until later in the spring when the soil has had a chance to dry out. Too much foot traffic and raking can damage the new grass shoots that are trying to grow. Once your soil is dry, it’s time to remove leaves and debris while gently raking to fluff and separate each grass shoot.

Prevent crabgrass and feed your lawn

Spring time lawn

When it comes to preventing crabgrass, timing is everything. Crabgrass is an annual weed, so you’re likely to have to battle it each year—especially if your neighbor doesn’t. You’ll want to get your preventer down before the crabgrass rears its ugly leaves, and that’s usually when soil temperatures hit about 55°F for 24-48 hours. Look for combo products that include a lawn fertilizer too, and save yourself some time. Crabgrass control plus lawn food with a slow-release nitrogen ingredient helps produce strong, lasting grass roots. This will provide steady nutrition throughout the entire season for thick and healthy-looking lawn.

Stick to the right mowing height

Make sure your mowing height is set between two and half and three inches. Be sure to mow at this height throughout the entire season and try not to remove more than three-quarters of an inch of grass during any mowing. For best results, mow during the early morning or evening when the weather is cool.

Don’t let the spring season sneak up on you. Follow these tips and shop GreenView for easy-to-use fertilizers and weed control products that will bring out the best in your lawn.