Learn Techniques that Save Your Lawn and Keep Your Pets Safe

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Find a strong grass type for your lawn that can withstand the effects of your canine’s everyday activities.
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Contrary to popular belief, having pets does not mean sacrificing your dreams of a beautiful green lawn. Not only that, but you can achieve your dream green space without risking the health of your furry friends. With the right practices and products, a beautiful lawn that is safe for pets is possible.

How to keep your lawn green

If you’ve ever had a dog, you likely have had your share of struggles with keeping your lawn looking lush and green. As so many dog owners come to know, dog urine often creates brown spots, and even in some cases, kills grass. But, by using techniques that are pet-friendly as well as turf-friendly, you can still have a thick, green lawn, even with dogs.

Here are some handy tips to reduce the effects of your dog’s urine on your yard grass:

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink.

Not only do you want to keep your dog well hydrated, but you also dilute the urine when Fido gets plenty of water.

Add water to your dog’s diet by having multiple water bowls throughout your home and yard. You can also add water to their diet by introducing wet dog food or even adding water to their dry food.

  • Designate one area of your property for your dog to go to the bathroom.

Giving your dog a designated space for their business is a great way to keep your grass healthy and green in the areas where you most desire a beautiful lawn.

Training your dog to utilize this space instead of others, though, may require some treats!

  • Plant grass seed that produces a hardy lawn.

Planting a dense and strong grass type in your lawn is a great way to defend against urine stains and the everyday wear and tear of pets. One great option is the hardy tall fescue grass, which grows densely to camouflage urine stains and withstand heavy paw traffic.

  • Dilute your dog’s urine every time it takes a bathroom break.

This means flushing the area where they go with water. While this task can be a bit involved, diluting your dogs urine with a watering can, dousing with a water bottle, or a quick spray with the garden hose is super helpful in allowing the urine to soak into the soil without killing or damaging the grass.

  • Take your dog for a walk.

Your furry friend will do their business on the walk, instead of in your yard, and you can benefit too by getting more steps into your day.

  • Apply gypsum to brown dog spots.
Brown spot on lawn.
Repair brown spots like the one pictured by adding gypsum to your lawn.
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Gypsum can be used to neutralize your dog’s urine and restore your lawn’s lush green color. This mineral also works to heal your turfgrass and encourages new grass growth. You can use gypsum whenever you need to repair dog urine spots.

How to keep your pets safe

While having a beautiful yard is great, keeping your pets safe is important too. Here are some general tips for keeping your pets healthy when you use lawn care products:

  1. Put your pets inside before you apply any lawn care product to your yard.
  2. Follow weed and feed application instructions carefully and know when it’s safe for your pet to reenter any treated lawn areas if you used products containing pesticides.
  3. Water your lawn after you apply a granular or liquid lawn fertilizer product to help the product absorb into the ground.
  4. Consider organic or natural lawn care products that are labeled as safe for use around children and pets.

Why Greenview’s Turf Nurture is a pet-friendly lawn fertilizer choice

Turf Nurture application

Turf Nurture Lawn Restoration Formula by GreenView is a lawn fertilizer with a natural base that:

  • Is rich in natural and organic nutrients
  • Delivers quick acting lawn repair and renewal
  • Is children and pet-friendly, when used as directed
  • Reduces lawn stress caused by drought, heat and cold
  • Promotes increased root growth & vigor
  • Features 15-0-7 NPK, with 70% slow-release nitrogen formulation
  • Can be applied in spring, summer or fall

Turf Nurture is available for sale at select hardware or garden centers - it can also be purchased online at Amazon.com , GreenViewFertilizer.com, HomeDepot.com, or Walmart.com. This product is not available for sale in the states of CA, ID, OR or WA.