Newly seeded lawn patch

It’s an all too familiar situation: You plant (or seed) a new lawn and watch it grow, only to have crabgrass swoop in and take hold before the lawn really gets going. Most crabgrass preventers can’t be used on newly seeded lawn areas, so what can you do to battle this troublesome weed?

The truth is, you can do both at once, if you choose the right product to help. Here are our tips for seeding and growing a lush lawn free of pesky crabgrass:

Start with high-quality grass seed, making sure to keep it watered so it will sprout and cover the area as quickly as possible.

Overseeding in both the spring and fall can help maximize your lawn’s thickness. GreenView Seed Starter Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer provides both the nutrients that new grass needs, along with an herbicide that prevents crabgrass seed germination, all without interfering with the grass seed’s germination.

Watering is crucial for seeding success, so be sure to water your seeded areas diligently throughout the early stages of development. Newly seeded areas require daily watering until you've mowed 1 to 2 times—then you can return to a more normal watering schedule.

Follow these quick tips and shop GreenView for easy-to-use lawn care products that will help you achieve a lush, healthy lawn.