Whether you think of it as a chore or a great way to get in a workout, mowing the lawn is a weekly ritual for most homeowners. But did you know how important proper mowing technique is to the health of your lawn? Here are some basic tips to help ensure your lawn looks great throughout the spring and summer seasons:

Man mowing the lawn

Stick to the 1/3 rule.

As a rule of thumb, never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade length each time you mow.

Cutting your grass too closely to the ground lets the sunlight reach weeds more easily and can result in increased pest and disease risk. Even if you have long, overgrown grass, only mow one-third, let it recover for a few days, then take off another one-third.

Find your correct mowing height.

Cool-season grasses like blue grass, fescue and rye should be mowed at a height of two to three inches. Any taller and the grass blades tend to fall over. Warm season grasses should be cut at around three-fourths to one inch height. This encourages a dense, healthy lawn that will naturally keep weeds out.

Mow when the grass is dry.

Dry grass blades stand upright and are less likely to cluster together when mowed.

Keep your mower in top shape.

Mower blades should be sharp and balanced. Dull blades make jagged cuts that can also increase pests and disease.

Switch up your mowing pattern.

Over time, grass can develop a grain based on the cutting direction, causing the grass blades to all lean one way or the other. When you alternate your mowing pattern, the blades are more likely to stand upright, resulting in a more even appearance.

Stick with these tips for a lush, healthy lawn and shop GreenView for easy-to-use lawn care products.