A picture of a typical label found on a bag of grass seed is shown below:

Grass seed label

Key to diagram:

  1. Grass seed product name.
  2. Pure grass seed. The percentage by weight of grass seed that is in the bag.
  3. Other crop seed. The percentage by weight other than the pure grass species or varieties labeled, but not considered as weed seeds. If "other crop seed" is over 5% of total weight, they must be listed by name.
  4. Weed seed. The percentage by weight of weed seeds in this lot.
  5. Inert matter. The percentage by weight of material that will not grow.
  6. Noxious weeds. If the product contains seeds that are considered noxious weeds as defined by your state these would be listed on the tag.
  7. Address. The address of the company providing the grass seed.
  8. Origin. State in which the grass seed was grown.
  9. Lot number. Each lot of grass seed is uniquely numbered. This number appears on all documents so that it can be traced back to its origin.
  10. Test date. Actual month and year this lot of grass seed was tested for germination.
  11. Germination. The percentage of pure grass seed that will germinate in a controlled lab.