While the weather isn’t yet conducive to working outside for most of the country, you can still help your lawn by taking care of your mower. Granted, you may already have finished the job in November. In case you didn’t, these tips will help you be fully prepared.

First spring mowing
To take the best care of your lawn, ensure your mower is ready to go before your first spring mowing.
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Take Care of Your Blades

Not only should your mower be in good working order when you start it in the spring, but you also need razor-sharp blades. Why? So that your mower cuts the lawn grass in one even motion. If your mower’s blades are dull, it’ll result in a ragged, coarse cut - opening up the blades of grass to disease and insect problems.

Cutting your grass with sharp blades ensures that you will get clean cuts, resulting in healthy blades that will grow tall and straight. Having healthy grass will also keep weeds from trying to move in.

Take Care of Your Engine

You have two choices when it comes to regular lawn mower maintenance: You can do it yourself or you can hire someone to do the maintenance for you.

Granted, you may be able to change the oil filter and sharpen the mower blades, but if you’re not handy around the engine, it may be better to take it to your local lawn and garden store.

Lawn mower undercarriage
Keep the undercarriage of your mower clear of debris for easier mowing and avoiding clogs.
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Here are five tips for getting your mower ready for cutting grass in the spring:

  1. Check your user’s manual. Often, there is a section on maintenance care that outlines how to get the most out of your mower. This is also a great place to get an overview of how the engine is built, as well as where spark plugs and oil tanks are located.
  2. Drain the gas tank. At the end of the mowing season, make sure you empty the gas from the mower. If you didn’t do that in the fall, then you want to do it now.
  3. Buy a maintenance kit for the type of mower you’re using. These kits have everything you need to maintain your mower. You can also find some of the mower maintenance products at an auto parts store. Also, make sure to follow the instructions in the kit and owner’s manual when it comes to inspecting and replacing belts and spark plugs.
  4. Drain the oil. If you need to, drain the oil and change the paper filter. If your mower uses an oil-soaked sponge filter, clean the filter out with soap and water. Allow it to dry before putting it back in your mower. Remember to put in fresh oil before you turn the mower on for the first mow of the season.
  5. Clean the undercarriage, which gets clogged with grass clippings, mud, and other debris. Make sure you take out the spark plug before you do this job. You don’t want the mower to start while you’re cleaning out the undercarriage.