Timing is critical in the quest to grow a decent lawn. When you apply fertilizers, weed-killers and other products is every bit as important as what you apply.

With a popular “four-step program,” homeowners are left guessing when to apply each step. Some go by the calendar (which doesn’t take into account weather changes), while others react to problems or cues as they pop up. Apply Step 1 too soon, for example, and the crabgrass preventer wears out by mid spring, allowing grassy weeds to take over later. Time your fertilizer treatments wrong, and you’ll either end up with too much (which can burn the grass or result in excessive surges in growth), or you’ll waste money by applying fertilizer when the grass doesn’t need it, and in fact can use it because it has gone dormant.

The GreenView Annual Lawn Plan takes a whole different approach. For starters, our agronomists know lawn life cycles, and our weather monitors watch weather data across the U.S. closely in order to send out the products that your lawn needs exactly when it needs it. The products come right to your door at the right time to apply it.

Even better, GreenView’s products are long-acting types that cut the usual 4 applications of fertilizer a year, down to as few as two times a year (mid-spring and early fall), instead of the 4-step treatments recommended by other brands.

How do we do this? The fertilizer in GreenView products is formulated to release nutrients over an extended 12 week period. That’s more than twice as long as other brands of fertilizers. GreenView’s Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer also delivers twice the amount of nutrients as most other brands so lawn roots get the nutrients they need at a time of year when they need it most.

The spring application uses a weed control that not only stops crabgrass and other grassy weeds from sprouting, but it also kills young junk grasses soon after they’ve sprouted. The dual action of the GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed and Crabgrass Preventer allows the crabgrass control to be applied later – at the same time as the control for broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover, plantain and henbit. That means one properly-timed spring application of GreenView fertilizes into mid-summer while controlling both grassy and broadleaf weeds.

The Annual Lawn Plan also includes free access to GreenView’s lawn-care experts, who will answer your lawn care questions and diagnose specific problems you may encounter.

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