Succulents are hot right now. You cannot open a magazine or Pinterest page without being dazzled by displays of succulents in unique containers. These plants are relatively low-maintenance and are the perfect choice for beginner gardeners. Children can help make this project too – just be careful of any succulents that might have sharp needles.

Succulent dish garden

The many textures and colorations of succulents make them fun and easy to combine for interesting effect in a dish garden. Or, just go with all one type of succulent in a bowl and let that be a simple stunning plant showcase.


As succulents generally have a shallow root system, they are ideal for planting in a low dish or saucer. Avoid plastic as the plants need great drainage to survive and any container that holds water in will cause root rot.

In some areas of the country, you can leave your succulent garden outdoors all year long, but in most areas you will need to bring it inside. At your local garden center, you can also ask specifically for hardy succulents that can thrive in your region.

Some people like to get creative and decorate their dish gardens with various accessories. You can go with a theme like prehistoric dinosaurs or “a day at the beach. You could also just add in favorite natural elements like a piece of driftwood and some interesting seedpods. Use your imagination to make your creation unique.

You Will Need

  • 1 ceramic, concrete, or Terra Cotta container with drainage hole
  • Pebbles, small rocks, or pea gravel
  • Potting Soil labeled for Cacti and Succulents
  • assorted Cacti/Succulents

Step by Step

Step 1: Place about an inch of pebbles at the bottom of the container

Step 2: Add about 2-3 inches of potting soil.

Step 3: Remove the succulent from its container and plant it in the soil (depending on how big your container is you can plant and arrange numerous succulents as desired)

Step 4: Firm the soil around the plants then cover the soil as desired with decorative rocks, small shells, etc.

Step 5: Place the Succulent in direct sunlight and lightly water the base of the plant every two weeks as you notice that the soil dries out.

Tip: If your succulents are happy, they will start to form off-set plants. Groom these out every year or so and create new pass-along dish gardens for your friends and family with them.

by Kathy Jentz