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Improved green spaces can have a great return on investment when selling your home
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Homes are flying on and off the market. If you’re thinking about downsizing or moving to a different area, there are a few ways that you can help your home sell faster, as well as give you a great return on your investment. Read about these 5 ways that green spaces can help to sell your home.

Keep the lawn cut & landscaping in shape

One of the first things that a person notices when pulling up to a home is the lawn & landscape. An unkempt lawn leaves one thinking - what else about this property isn’t kept up with as well. Studies show that maintaining your lawn can return almost three times your investment in both time and money.

If your lawn needs it, use a fertilizer

If you’re thinking of selling your home, and your lawn isn’t in tip top shape, you may want to think about using a lawn fertilizer. There are many different types of products on the market, but for a quick DIY project, you want to use a product that gives you the best results and most bang for your buck.

For an easy solution to a dull lawn, try GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer. Nothing says lush, healthy lawn like the deep, green color obtained in your lawn as a result of applying GreenView Fairway Formula Lawn Fertilizer! Apply 2 to 3 weeks before you’re looking to list your home, and perspective buyers will be gushing over the beautiful lawn.

Mulched bed with hostas
Cleaning up garden beds and adding fresh mulch is another great tip getting a home sale ready!
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Clean up garden beds & add potted containers

Cleaning up your already established garden & landscape beds will greatly improve the aesthetics of your home. Pull weeds and add a weed preventer so that they don’t come back. If your beds are sparse, add a few perennial plants that will come back each year.

Another great option to refresh your garden beds is to establish a wider border around them with material such as paver stones or old railroad ties. Both of these items will give you a wider gap between your lawn and landscape soil, while adding a beautiful visual touch to your landscaping.

Potted annuals on column
Potted plants give you pops of color around your home - and you can strategically place them as you consider the buyer's path to view the property.
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Potted containers are also a great way to up the visual appeal of your home as you’re preparing to sell, as they are an easy way to give the exterior of your home quick pops of color. Not only are they beautiful - but you can strategically place them so that potential buyers pass and take in the beauty of them.

Add or prune trees & plants

If you don’t have any trees or large shrubs in your yard - add them! The presence of mature trees can boost your home value by up to 15% - as these mature plants provide clean air around your home, and luxurious shade throughout your yard in the spring and summer.

If you have planned ahead and already have mature plants - you’re off to a great start! The next step is making sure that the plants are pruned, and in their best visual state and condition.

Shaded outdoor seating area
Nothing is more inviting than a nice place to relax in the shade on a warm summer day.
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Structure for privacy & shade

The pandemic has left many people wanting to enjoy their personal spaces. Building a structure for privacy & shade delivers a sanctuary to potential home buyers that they won’t be able to turn down. Once you have a structure established, add some furniture and lighting to the area - prospective home buyers will fall in love!