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FAQ: Fertilization

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Fertilizers

How much GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer does my lawn need?

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer is offered in two sizes: the 5M bag covers 5000 sq. ft., the 10M bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. Once you have determined your lawn's square footage, you need to "round-up" your calculated square footage to the next 5000 sq ft increment. For example, if your yard is 21,000 sq ft, then you would need to purchase enough fertilizer to cover 25,000 sq. ft.

What setting should I use for my spreader?

The GreenView product label contains directions for determining the settings for your spreader. You may also obtain spreader settings using GreenView's online spreader setting calculator. This tool will take you through very easy steps to find the right spreader setting for your spreader and GreenView product.

What bag sizes are available for your fertilizer, and how many square feet does a bag of fertilizer cover?

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers are available in 5M and 10M bags. The 5M bag covers 5,000 sq. ft. and the 10M bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. when applied using the proper spreader setting.

I don’t know how big my yard is, how do I determine the size and the number of bags that I need?

You can use our planning tool to determine the size of your lawn, and help you select the right number of bags.

Can I store unused fertilizer for use next year?

Yes, unused fertilizer can be stored and reused provided the bag is properly closed and stored in a dry place. If moisture gets in the bag, you may have lumping of the fertilizer, breakup any clumps before placing in the spreader.

When should I apply fertilizer?

You can apply GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizers to your lawn anytime during the growing season. We recommend withholding application of fertilizer to a lawn that is experiencing stress from prolonged periods of summer heat and drought. You can apply GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer on cool season grasses when nighttime temperatures are in the 60's (º F) for a few consecutive nights, and your lawn is actively growing.

In areas with cool season grasses, do not apply fertilizer during hot, dry spells as it could burn the grass plant.

For warm season grasses, summer is when these grass species are actively growing and in need of fertilizer. Be sure to read application directions anytime you are applying fertilizer.

For both cool and warm season grasses, time application just before rainfall is expected, or plan to water thoroughly after application.

How do I determine if I need a fertilizer combined with weed treatment product?

If you or your neighbors have a problem with weeds like dandelions, clover and crabgrass, we recommend GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Weed & Feed with Crabgrass Preventer which kills over 200 weeds. This GreenView product can be applied in spring and fall. If weeds persist, make a second application of weed control (without fertilizer), 60 to 90 days after the first application.

When should I put down fertilizer with weed control?

We recommend that you apply GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed with Crabgrass Preventer or GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer in the spring. We suggest that you read application directions carefully for the best time to apply the products for optimal results. Fertilizer products with weed killer should be applied when the weeds are young and actively growing, as the weed must be present at the time of application to be killed. Fertilizer products with weed preventers should be applied prior to weed seed germination for the control of weeds in established lawns.

Do I need to wait for rain or water in the fertilizer for it to work?

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers that contain herbicides for weed control should be applied after a rain. This allows the herbicide to attach to the weed leaf surface area so it can begin working.

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers that do not contain weed control herbicides should be applied to dry grass just prior to a rain. The fertilizer will need to be rained in or watered in to be effective.

I use a lawn service now but want to reduce expenses and take care of the lawn myself. I need help in choosing the right fertilizer products and knowing when and how to apply them.

Using the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan will save you money and require minimal effort. The GreenView Annual Lawn Plan involves applying GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer in spring and again in the fall, you can also select an optional lawn product for grub control. We have a number of fertilizers to choose from and you can develop a personalized lawn plan for your home lawn based upon your region, lawn size and lawn condition at Most of our GreenView Annual Lawn Plan customers sign up for home delivery of GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Weed and Feed with Crabgrass Preventer (apply in spring) and GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer (apply in fall). One of the many benefits of the program, is that we will ship the fertilizer to your home at the right time for you to apply it, so you don't have to worry about figuring out what you need to do and when to do it. Application instructions, including what setting to use on your spreader will be included in the shipment with your fertilizer.

Learn more about the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan.

How many fertilizer applications do I really need during the year?

We recommend a minimum of two fertilizer applications for cool season grasses, one in spring and one in fall, is adequate. Depending on the condition of your home lawn, you may need grub control. If you choose to fertilize only one time during the year, the fall is the most important fertilizer application for cool season grasses. Warm season grasses require regular fertilization during the periods of heaviest growth - which is during the summer months. Fertilizer application recommendations for warm season grasses will depend on the soil type (clay vs sandy soils, etc.) and how well nutrients are retained in the soil.

Why is it necessary to fertilize my lawn in the fall?

A thick and healthy lawn requires a strong root system. As the root system of the grass plant grows most vigorously in fall, feeding your lawn with an application of fertilizer in fall helps promote root growth.

Is it ok to apply fertilizer during the hot summer months?

For cool season grasses, we do not recommend applying fertilizer during the summer months due to the potential of the fertilizer to burn and damage the grass plant, especially in very hot and dry conditions. Warm season grasses require fertilizer in the summer, as this is when the grass plant is actively growing and in need of the nutrients provided in fertilizer. GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers are recommended for use on most cool and warm season grasses. Check the product label for detailed information and application directions.

What is the right fertilizer product to use for my lawn/grass type?

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers are formulated for established cool season turfgrasses including Kentucky Blue Grass, Tall and Fine Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass.

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers are also formulated for most warm season turfgrasses which include; Bahiagrass, Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, Centipede grass, Zoysiagrass, St Augustine (but not Floratam).

Please note there are some restrictions on the use with warm season grasses when the GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer contains weed control products. If you are using GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers on warm season turfgrass, please read the entire label prior to placing your order.

How soon after applying fertilizer is it safe to mow my lawn?

You may mow your grass anytime after the fertilizer has been rained in or watered in.

How long between applications do I wait to apply fertilizer?

If you have applied GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer, we recommend that you wait a minimum of 8 weeks between applications. GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers have a proprietary Nitrogen technology that provides a slow release of nutrients and feeds your lawn longer than other brands of fertilizer.

I am planning to de-thatch my lawn. Should I apply fertilizer before or after I de-thatch?

Apply fertilizer after you de-thatch.

Do you have phosphate free fertilizers that are environmentally friendly for my home lawn?

Yes, we offer Zero Phosphate GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers for spring and fall application.

Is it safe to put fertilizer in my garden?

We do not recommend applying GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer in gardens. We recommend Preen Garden Weed Preventer Plus Fertilizer (see, which is a two-way product that feeds garden plants and prevents weed seed germination in gardens. Preen is available through major home chains like Home Depot, Wal Mart, Lowes as well as many independent home and garden stores.

Is your fertilizer safe for my dog and cat?

If you follow the directions for use printed on each bag of Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizer, the product is not harmful to animals. Your cat or dog can enter an area treated with our GreenView Fall fertilizer, after this area is thoroughly dry from the first rain and/or watering.

Can I use a fertilizer with weed killer in my pasture without posing a danger to my horse?

We do not recommend applying a weed and feed product in a pasture where livestock will be contained. We suggest that you check with your veterinarian to see what they would recommend for pastures where horses graze.

What is the difference between GreenView's 2-step fertilizer program and Scott's 4-step fertilizer program?

The slow release Nitrogen technology inherent in the GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers allow you to put down fewer applications of fertilizer than Scott's 4 step system. The 4 step system requires fertilizer be applied 4 times during the growing season versus the 2 applications that are recommended with GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer. This saves you time and provides an even consistent feeding to your lawn.

What are the three numbers on fertilizer bags and what do they mean?

The numbers represent the concentration of three nutrients that are needed by your lawn. For example 26-4-12 is read as 26% Nitrogen, 4% available Phosphate and 12% soluble Potash.

I want a great looking home lawn but I want to do as little work as possible to have it, what things must I do to have a great looking lawn?

Apply GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer in the spring and then in the fall. If you choose to fertilize only one time, do it in the fall, as this is the most important time to feed your lawn. If you have weeds or other lawn problems, you will need to apply problem solver products to treat the source of the problem and reseed those areas of the lawn that suffered damage.


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