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Spring Newsletter 2007

Sow grass seed and fight crabgrass at the same time

crabgrass in bare soil
Crabgrass in bare soil.
© Oklahoma State University

Naked soil is an open invitation for weeds, so the spring push is on to sow grass seed for a new lawn or to fill in bare spots. But as the grass grows, so does the crabgrass.

Click here to learn how to keep crabgrass out of new lawns»

Lawn questions bugging you?

Is it a fungus, a bug or the weather that’s causing the brown spots in the lawn? Or is it your pooch?

Click here for a great resource that will answer your lawn questions and more»

Ease mowing duties with right equipment

When it comes to buying a lawnmower, your purchase should be guided by the size and terrain of your lawn and how much energy you have.

Click here for more things to keep in mind when buying a mower»

Numbers and letters key to good lawn care

home lawn

You see them all the time on the bag of fertilizer: three numbers along with three letters — N-P-K, but what do they mean?

Click here for more information about N-K-P and what the formula means for your lawn»

Snow molds create spots in the lawn

Gray snow mold on northern turfgrass
Gray snow mold on northern turf grass
© Cornell University

Traces of last winter’s snow may be evident in the lawn as spring arrives. Called snow molds, these fungus diseases can leave the lawn looking unsightly.

Click here to learn more about snow molds on the lawn and what to do about them»

Get a green lawn delivered right to your door

One of the more perplexing problems in keeping the lawn healthy is knowing what to apply when and how much.

Click here to learn more about snow molds on the lawn and what to do about them»

Green lawns spur envy in Rhode Island neighborhood

Dear Greenview:

I just love your products. In fact, they saved my new lawn during the especially hot summer we endured in the Northeast.

My father and I now both subscribe to Greenview and value the quality and convenience that your company offers. Our lawns are the envy of our neighbors, but I cannot keep your products secret. My neighbor asked what I am doing and I told him that I stopped using Scotts’ products and switched over to Greenview Fairway Formula products. He plans to subscribe for Spring 2007. Thank you, Greenview! -T.G. | Rhode Island


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