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GreenView Lawn and Landscape Tips Spring 2014 Newsletter

March 2014

Crabgrass in the seed stage

Crabgrass control and spring fertilization

Where does the crabgrass in your lawn come from each year? The crabgrass seed that germinates in your lawn this spring was most likely produced late last summer. If you had crabgrass in your lawn last year, learn the steps to control it this year.

Gray now mold damage

Recovering from snow mold damage

Snow mold disease leaves matted patches in your lawn after winter snow melts. Here are steps you can take to help your lawn recover.


Impatiens with downy mildew
© George Weigel

Impatiens disease: The flower disaster that didn't happen

Downy mildew disease decimated impatiens in 2012, but weather conditions and planting cutbacks helped to limit the spread of the disease in 2013. So what are gardeners to make of this as they plan this spring's flower choices? Here are some suggestions.



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