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How to Read a Fertilizer Guaranteed Analysis Label

The diagram below shows the guaranteed analysis label that appears on the Greenview Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer (26-4-12) bag label, and is typical of the labels that you will find on fertilizer bags. The nitrogen (N), available phosphate (P), and soluble potash (K), are the primary nutitional components to look for, and these are typically listed first, in (N-P-K) order, (26-4-12) in this example. Other nutrients and information generally follows.

Guaranteed Analysis Label

The parts of the diagram that are annotated provide you with the following information:

  1. Total percentage nitrogen (N) in the bag.
  2. Total percentage available phosphate (P) in the bag.
  3. Total percentage soluble potash (K) in the bag.
  4. Other nutrients, if any, will follow the soluble potash.
  5. The total percentage of the bag that is slow release nitrogen (water insoluble and other water soluble nitrogen sources combined). Note: Choose a fertilizer with a high percentage of slow release nitrogen (the higher the better), to provide a controlled release of nutrients which will be better for your lawn and the environment.
  6. Total percentage of fast release nitrogen (ammoniacal nitrogen and urea nitrogen).
  7. Ammonical nitrogen and sulfur nutrients provide fast early green up.

For further information about the ingredients indicated on a guaranteed analysis label read about understanding fertilizer ingredients.


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