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Summer Newsletter 2008

Wake up your yard with shade landscaping
and Woodace Plant Fertilizers

Shade landscaped house

It’s finally summer! All spring you looked forward to backyard barbeques, lounging by the pool, or just enjoying the great outdoors. But the hot summer sun could take its toll on your landscape. Wake up your yard this summer with shade landscaping, simple water features and a little food for all your favorite summer plants!

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Lawns that rock: Hardscaping your landscape

Hardscaping your front landscape

Your outdoor creativity knows no bounds and your Greenview lawn is just the beginning. To add depth, texture and interest to your outdoor living spaces, you can choose a variety of materials, including—yes, rocks.

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Go green this summer!

Proscape 9-2-5

Our new organic-based fertilizer quickly greens-up your lawn, and keeps it that way all summer long.

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Lawn Plan member's lawn goes from brown to wow - in just one year!

It only took a couple of weeks to repair the damage using Greenview Zero Phosphate fertilizer products. I saw results in less than one month! And, over the course of the year, my lawn was just as nice as my neighbors, who began to joke about competing with me.
-Joe D. | Michigan

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Enjoy summer's sights and sounds with Lyric!

Lyric Wild Bird Food

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