From Crabgrass to Weed-free

GreenView is on the road again visiting loyal GreenView customer, John C, in Armonk, New York—a picturesque area of North Castle in scenic Westchester County. The Armonk climate is moderately hot during the summer and very cold in winter. So Armonk gardeners contend with a distinct difference in growing seasons from winter through fall.

John has been an Armonk resident since 2000. When he began to share his home-purchase story, he recalled that the California-style split level they bought needed quite a bit of TLC, but he explained that the property surrounding the home was the real selling point for him and his family.

As an avid golfer, John was especially interested in creating a spectacular lawn. When I asked him why a lawn was so important, John said: “I think a beautiful lawn speaks volumes about the property and its owners.”

So, John got to work pretty quickly, first removing several chain link fences. The existing lawn, or what was left of it, was, as John put it so aptly, “in desperate need of a makeover, rake over and lot’s of love.”

But finding and purchasing the proper lawn care products proved to be a grueling and time-consuming task, as John drove back and forth to the store, lugging bags and bags of fertilizer and loading them into his Jeep on a regular basis. The excessive time all of this took plus the wear and tear on his car drove him home to his computer to search for a better way.

John surfed the web for a company that had the products he needed, offered the services to make it easier, and a solution that would bring him closer to his goal of creating the perfect lawn. And BINGO, he was amazed! When John came across GreenView fertilizers and grass seed, John said, “I found exactly what I had been day-dreaming about. Great products, great service and great people. And everything I need delivered right to my home.”

John signed up for the Annual Lawn Plan and took advantage of GreenView’s expert-assisted lawn care. The GreenView Annual Lawn Plan consists of applications in the spring and fall, enhanced with optional lawn supplements for weed, insect and late fall feeding. GreenView’s Annual Lawn Plan service is just perfect for someone like John, whose time is a precious commodity.

The GreenView Annual Lawn Plan made it easy for John. John uses the GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Weed & Feed and Crabgrass Preventer 24-0-6 followed by summer green-up application of Lebanon ProScape 9-2-5 Fertilizer with Iron, and then he applies a fall treatment of GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer 30-0-12. At the optimal time for application, GreenView ships the products directly to John’s home and all he has to do is apply it. In just one season, John reports that the crabgrass is gone! As you can see in the photos, his results are amazing; John couldn’t be happier!

What have GreenView products and services done for John specifically? “GreenView has freed up so much time for me. No more trips to the crazy mad house stores… and no more leaking products because your packaging is superior. Your pricing is also a big plus and saves me a lot of money versus the other 4 step plans that are out there.”

Just as they did in years past, even before John and his family were residents, the neighbors stop by to let the dogs run and play – and to admire John’s lawn and gardens. Does this make him smile? “I have shared my story with many of my neighbors… I think I may have actually started a little competition on our street. But it’s all good.”

Yes, John, your story is very good and one of many we hear in our travels across this great country. Thanks for inviting us to Armonk and to your beautiful home!

Want a lawn that looks like John’s? Sign-up today and begin your GreenView Annual Lawn Plan!