Our organic-based fertilizer quickly greens-up your lawn, and keeps it that way all summer long.

Just as we all need iron in our diets to stay healthy and strong, your lawn will benefit from a dose of our Lebanon ProScape 9-2-5 Fertilizer with Iron any time of the year, but particularly in summer when the brilliance of green is especially sought-after in lawns, athletic fields and on golf courses.

With thisfertilizer formula, GreenView combines its patented technologies to give you immediate greening (generally within 2 days of application) and long lasting feeding. ProScape 9-2-5 also contains an organic biosolid. Biosolids are a valuable source of fertilizer nutrients, and they are used in a wide variety of crops, including wheat, barley, hops, and rangeland. They are also composted and used in yards and gardens. Biosolids contain significant amounts of all nutrients required by plants, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. Why are biosolids so good for your soil? Well, because biosolids are soil conditioners, and in a short time after being added to the soil, it will resemble rich, organic topsoil. Savvy gardeners know that organic matter is important because it retains water and nutrients in the soil, and it helps plants withstand drought in hot and dry summer weather. In addition, the organic matter improves the soil, making it easier to work and allowing new roots to penetrate faster.

But don’t worry about mowing more. The slow-release nitrogen ensures that there is greening without excess top-growth. What you get is even feeding and excellent results with little work. What more can a green lawn enthusiast ask for?