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GreenView with GreenSmart Tomato & Vegetable Food Customer Review

6 foot tomato plant
potted squash plant

"I'm so excited about the results, I simply had to share these pictures of my deck container garden. I used Greenview with GreenSmart Tomato-Vegetable Plant Food this year, and wow - this stuff really works! 6 foot tall tomato plants and a zucchini plant that is out of control and I only planted them about eight weeks ago. I can't ever remembering seeing so many buds & blooms - and I'm looking forward to a record harvest. It's so easy to reapply too, I just sprinkle the fertilizer on the base of the plants, work it in lightly and water it in. I tell all my friends and family to check it out, because I know they won't be disappointed. "

Ken B, Georgia

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