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GreenView with GreenSmart All Purpose Plant Food

"Here is a picture of 2 avocado trees that were started at the same time."

GreenView with GreenSmart All Purpose Plant Food side-by-side comparison
Avocado plant on left fertilized with GreenView
with GreenSmart All Purpose 7-7-7. Avocado
plant on right fertilized with 10-10-10.

"I started the avocado seeds in mason jars back in January 2012 and I planted them in pots the first part of May. The plant sprouts were about 2 inches tall when I planted them. I put your GreenView w/GreenSmart All-Purpose Specialty Plant Food on the tall plant (on left) when I planted the trees. As you can see, your product helped dramatically in the growth over the other one which I put 10-10-10 Fertilizer on to aid in its growth."


Dale G.
Spartanburg, SC

Was the fertilizer easy to use?  Yes! Simply measure out the recommended amount, sprinkle it around your plant, water and watch it grow!

Would you recommend the fertilizer to a friend?  Yes! This product has proven to me that there is a major difference and this stuff is the best!

greenview all purpose plant food 5-star rating
On a scale of one to five stars, five being the best - how would you rate this product? That is a simple answer "5"! This stuff is great!


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