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Customer Sales & Support FAQs

General Sales

Where can I purchase your products for my home lawn?

GreenView products are available for purchase at local authorized dealers and independent garden centers, you can check for a store close to you by going to our Store Locator. The GreenView products are also orderable at our online store, using the shopping cart for one time orders. GreenView also offers an Annual Lawn Plan with home delivery of GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer in the right quantities and delivered at the right time to apply for your location. Read more about the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan.

What are the benefits of buying GreenView Fairway Formula products online?

You'll save the time, money and effort you'd rather spend on other things. GreenView offers two ways to save that time money and effort, through a shopping cart for one time orders, and through the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan where we help you build a personalized program for delivery of the right fertilizer, in the right quantities, delivered right to your door.

Who is the manufacturer of GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizers and what other products do they make?

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation is the manufacturer of GreenView products. They also make Preen Lawn and Garden products, Lyric Wild Bird Food and LebTurf professional turf products.

I am having trouble placing an order, after I enter all my billing information the page is redisplayed and I cannot continue?

If you have placed an order previously, you need to first log in as a returning customer. If you do not want to log in to place an order, then use a different email address than the one you used when completing the billing information on your initial order. If you do not remember your password, click on the Sign In link at the top of the web page. Fill in your email address and your password will be sent to you immediately.

I don’t know how big my yard is, how do I determine the size and the number of bags that I need?

First determine the size of your lawn in square feet. Use the conversion table below to convert acres to square feet. Once you know your lawn size in square feet, divide the lawn size by the coverage listed for the GreenView product. Most GreenView products are sold in 5,000 sq.ft. and 10,000 sq. ft. bag sizes.

Acre to Square Feet Conversion Table
Acres Square Feet
0.25 (1/4) acre 10,890 sq. ft.
0.5 (1/2) acre 21,780 sq. ft.
0.75 (3/4) acre 32,670 sq. ft.
1.00 acre 43,560 sq. ft.
2.0 acres 87,120 sq. ft.
3.0 acres 130,680 sq. ft.

Payment & Money-back Guarantee

If I don't want to provide my credit information online, can I call customer service and place my order?

If you are having problems with an online order or don't want to submit your personal information online, you may call GreenView customer service at 1-800-233-1067, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Eastern Time. Please note that messages left after business hours will be returned during the next business day.

Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

We offer a Money-Back Guarantee that you will be satisfied with the performance of your GreenView products when they are used as directed. If you are not satisfied, we ask that you describe the nature of your problem and simply send proof of purchase. You can expect to receive your refund check within 4 to 6 weeks after we receive your request.

View our Guarantee terms


Do you offer home delivery of your lawn products?

Yes. All of our GreenView products are available for home delivery when you order online. Whether it is a single order purchase or part of the Greenview Annual Lawn Plan, we ship your product to your home

How long will it take to receive products that I order online?

GreenView store purchases submitted Monday - Friday, before 2:00pm ET will be processed same day upon confirmation of payment. Your order will be shipped the following business day using UPS ground. Most locations in the continental U.S. receive orders within 3 to 5 days. Tracking information for your order will be made available online if you are a registered customer. (Note: If you are a new lawn plan member, these time estimates only apply once the order has been processed. Your shipment may be delayed until the optimal time for application, unless otherwise requested.) 

Check our shipping charges and tracking options

GreenView Annual Lawn Plan 

How does the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan work?

When you set up your GreenView Annual Lawn Plan account, you choose the right fertilizer for your lawn, tell us how many bags you need (for the size of your lawn), and your shipping address. Then, we do the hard part - watching the calendar and the weather in your area. When the time is right, we automatically ship your spring, and later fall, products to your door so you can apply them to your lawn. If you choose to auto-renew, we'll keep remembering to automatically ship your GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer using the credit card information you provided at sign up until you tell us to stop. If you would just like to try it for a year, feel free to do so. You can either renew or stop your lawn plan - no questions asked. Lawn care experts will be available to help with any lawn problems or answer questions that you have along the way.

What benefits and advantages do I get with the GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer Home Delivery Program?

In addition to saving the time, money and effort you would rather spend doing other things, as a GreenView Annual Lawn Plan member you have access to our in-house lawn experts who are available to help you with all of your lawn issues.

I have signed up for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan, when will my fertilizer be delivered?

Your fertilizer will be shipped to you when it is the right time to apply it in your home area. The exact timing of delivery will vary from season to season as it will be timed to coincide with the right time based upon the weather conditions for your area. You will receive a pre-delivery shipment email approximately 2 weeks before your order is shipped.  You may make changes to the order or cancel the order by contacting customer service or sending an email to

If you are placing an order for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan and it is time for your fertilizer application, we will ship your order immediately. You will not receive a pre-delivery shipment email - refer to your order confirmation page for the details of your order. If you have questions, please call customer service at 1-800-233-1067.

You may also request immediate shipment by calling customer service toll free at 1-800-233-1067.

How long will it take to receive products that I order online?

Your products will be shipped to you when it is the right time for you to apply them. If you would like immediate delivery of your products, please alert customer service of this request. All GreenView products are shipped by UPS Ground, and take approximately 3 - 5 business days to reach most locations in the continental United States.

I plan to sign up for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan, when will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be billed only when the product is shipped to you. For example if you sign up for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan with a spring start date for the program, you will be billed in spring when the spring fertilizer is shipped to you. Then you will be billed in fall for the fall fertilizer when it is shipped to you.

If you have signed up for a recurring Annual Lawn Plan, GreenView will automatically send your fertilizer every spring and fall, using the credit card information you provided for your initial order of the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan. We will continue to automatically ship your fertilizer orders every spring and every fall until you ask us to cancel your Annual Lawn Plan.

If you have elected to sign up for the Annual Lawn Plan for 1 year, you will automatically receive your orders for one year. You will receive an email at the end of your Lawn Plan year with a reminder that you will not receive additional orders unless you reorder or contact customer service with a request to extend your Annual Lawn Plan for another year.

If I sign up for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan, am I able to make changes to my order or cancel at any time?

When you sign up for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan, you can make changes at any time by calling customer service at 1-800-233-1067 or by sending email to You can make changes to your personal and credit information, as well as making changes to your scheduled products, changing the product and quantity.  You are also able to cancel a scheduled product shipment, provided you cancel the scheduled product before it is shipped. You will receive an email approximately 2 weeks before your order is to be shipped. At that time you may make changes to your order, or cancel the order by replying to the email. We will send all preshipment notices to the email we have on file for your account. It is your responsibility to keep your email updated in our records. You may also make changes to your personal and product information by sending an email to GreenView customer service at or by calling 1-800-233-1067.

I don't see my state on the list for eligibility for the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan, why can't I order it?

The GreenView Annual Lawn Plan is currently offered only in states with cool season grasses. You can check if the GreenVew Annual Lawn Plan is available in your area by checking the Offer Availability webpage. 

If your area is outside the Annual Lawn Plan zone, please visit the GreenView online store or the Store Locator. All of the GreenView products used in the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan are available through the online store and through lawn and garden stores itemized in the Store Locator.  

Learn more about the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan.

Personal Information and Privacy

What is your privacy policy and how is my information kept secure?

We take your privacy and security online very seriously and have published our policy at here. In addition to using encrypted data transmissions, we use Verisign for processing all credit card transactions.

Read our Privacy Policy

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