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Woodace Plant & Shrub Fertilizer (concentrate) 20-20-20

A water-soluble fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water for foliar or soil drench feeding.

$47.99 20 lbs
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  • An easy-to-use fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water for leaf or soil feeding
  • A popular, all-purpose, quick response fertilizer with micronutrients that can be used on a wide range of plants
  • Packaged in a reclosable bucket
  • A great supplement with other landscape fertilizers


Woodace 20-20-20 Soluble with Micronutrients for Landscape Ornamentals may be used as follows:

Potted plants:

One tablespoonful per gallon of water in place of normal watering every two weeks.

Trees and shrubs:

2 lbs per 100 gallons of water applied as foliar or root feeding when actively growing.

Established lawns:

1 lb per 1,000 sq ft of lawn area.

Annual bedding plants:

I cup per 20 gallons water as drench irrigation once established, every 10-14 days or as needed.

See product label for additional information.

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