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Roots® Terra-Sorb Super Absorbent Planting Gel

Terra-Sorb can improve watering efficiency and can prevent plant losses due to dry soil. Terra-Sorb is easily incorporated into the soil before or during planting, and is ideal for use in hanging baskets and containers.

$6.99 6 oz
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Terra-Sorb is a potassium-based polymer gel that significantly increases the water-holding capacity of soil. The crystals hold up to 150 times their weight in water and slowly release it to the root zone. The gels will repeatedly absorb and release water for several years until they naturally biodegrade. The environmentally-friendly gels are nontoxic.

Terra-Sorb will trap more moisture in the basket or container, allowing much less water to seep out. It can also be tilled into the garden soil before planting to delay soil drying.

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