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Roots® Pond Saver Biological Pond Clarifier

100% Natural - for dirty or smelly ponds and pond maintenance
Pond Saver is a concentrated microbial product containing a proprietary blend of safe, naturally-occurring bacteria that quickly clean and deodorize ponds the natural way.

$11.99 6 oz
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  • Improves water clarity
  • Reduces sludge and organic sediment buildup
  • Controls unpleasant odors

Naturally-occurring bacteria in the mix, biodegrade the nutrients and organic matter in ponds that contribute to sludge, clouding and foul odors.

Pond Saver is non toxic to plants and animals, including fish, and is completely safe for the aquatic environment.

For Small Ponds or Water Gardens:

Apply 2 teaspoons of Pond Saver per 1000 gallons of water.

Repeat application every 2 weeks. For dirtier ponds, apply weekly until water clears.

If the pond is severely overpopulated with algae, correct this problem first before using Pond Saver.

Not intended for the treatment of drinking water.

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