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Roots Biological Plant Solutions products

Roots® Biological Plant Solutions

For years, Lebanon Seaboard has been formulating products that emphasize cooperation with natural growth processes over chemical treatments that work to achieve outstanding results – and the Roots product line for the home gardener is no exception. Products in this line are exceptional choices for container gardening and hydroponics enthusiasts.

This new product line uses naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria as well as botanical extracts to create optimal conditions for plants and ponds. Yes, the right mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria will be good for your plants! Many Roots products contain beneficial bacteria that go to work in the root zone of plants to promote plant growth and improve soil fertility. These mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria are common in forest settings, but their populations are often very low in potting soils, urban environments and man-made landscapes that have been disturbed by grading and construction, creating challenges for plants to thrive.

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