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Learn more about Roots® BioPak®Plus
Roots BioPak Plus is a dry, water-soluble micronutrient treatment that includes beneficial rhizosphere bacteria and 3-0-20 N-P-K fertilizer. Very versatile, ideal for most any planting – trees, shrubs, plants, palms & turf.   More »

$9.99/8 oz

Learn more about Roots® BioPak® Soil Drench
Roots BioPak is a completely natural, unique, dry, water-soluble combination of natural humic substances, cold water seaweed extract, and a select blend of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria in BioPak can improve soil fertility and condition.  More »

$8.99/4 oz

Learn more about Roots® Tree Saver Biologically Active Soil Conditioner
Use Roots Tree Saver when planting trees and shrubs to get them off to the right start and increase the likelihood of survival. Roots Tree Saver contains beneficial fungi to build a better root system, plus beneficial bacteria that feeds your plants.  More »

$4.99/3 oz

Learn more about Roots® Terra-Sorb Super Absorbent Planting Gel
Terra-Sorb can improve watering efficiency and can prevent plant losses due to dry soil. Terra-Sorb is easily incorporated into the soil before or during planting, and is ideal for use in hanging baskets and containers.   More »

$6.99/6 oz

Learn more about Roots® Pond Saver Biological Pond Clarifier
100% Natural - for dirty or smelly ponds and pond maintenance
Pond Saver is a concentrated microbial product containing a proprietary blend of safe, naturally-occurring bacteria that quickly clean and deodorize ponds the natural way.
  More »

$11.99/6 oz

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