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Roots® BioPak®Plus 3-0-20

Roots BioPak Plus is a dry, water-soluble micronutrient treatment that includes beneficial rhizosphere bacteria and 3-0-20 N-P-K fertilizer. Very versatile, ideal for most any planting – trees, shrubs, plants, palms & turf.

$9.99 8 oz
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How It WorksApplication

Ideal for most any landscape planting, including lawns, it contains a comprehensive collection of micronutrients to combat stress and has beneficial bacteria to feed the soil that feeds your plants naturally. BioPak Plus is ideal for promoting rich green color, and quicker plant establishment. Whether getting new plants off to a great start or providing additional treatment for plants that appear stressed - this 3-0-20 BioPak Plus formulation is the ideal solution to many nutrient deficiencies and stress-related symptoms!

Key product benefits of Roots BioPak Plus 3-0-20:

  • 8 oz. container, makes 48 gallons.
  • Promotes a plant’s recovery from stress.
  • Can reverse mineral deficiencies that cause chlorosis and necrosis.
  • Improves root function without stimulating excessive top growth.
  • Provides soluble nutrients in acidic, neutral and alkaline soils.
  • Has beneficial bacteria to feed the soil that feeds the plants naturally
  • Simply mix with water in amounts outlined on the package label, to apply.

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