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Roots® BioPak® Soil Drench

Roots BioPak is a completely natural, unique, dry, water-soluble combination of natural humic substances, cold water seaweed extract, and a select blend of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria in BioPak can improve soil fertility and condition.

$8.99 4 oz
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How It WorksApplication

The bacteria in BioPak can improve soil fertility in the root zone, gradually and sustainably, and over time, can aid in improved soil condition. Unlike common fertilizer which can be depleted, the beneficial microbes in BioPak reproduce in the root zone of the plant to create sustainable beneficial activities – giving new life to otherwise troubled plants or creating natural bioactivity in soils that are stressed or depleted.

Tried and tested for years among landscape nursery professionals, it is mixed with water and applied as a soil drench to increase beneficial microbial activity in the root zone and improve the soil profile.

  • Provides beneficial bacteria
  • Adds organic material to the soil
  • Can increase microbial activity
  • 4 oz. jar, makes 25 gallons

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