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Ready2Go Spreader™

The Ready2Go Spreader™ introduces homeowners to a new era: lawn care at the flip of a switch. Anyone who's ever wrestled a bulky bag of fertilizer into a rotary or drop spreader and then struggled with calibration, cleaning and maintenance will appreciate the new handheld, battery-operated Ready2Go Spreader. Pre-loaded with product and pre-calibrated, the new spreader is a time saver designed for ease, speed and mobility.

The refillable, reusable spreader is ideally suited to homeowners with a variety of lawn care needs. For anyone faced with rough terrain, slopes, or tight spaces where a walk-behind spreader is awkward, the lightweight handheld unit tackles applications with ease. For those who care for small lawns under 1/4 acre, the new battery-powered spreader can eliminate the need for a hand-cranked or walk-behind spreader entirely.

Available with select lawn care products from GreenView - each spreader comes filled with fertilizer or weed control product, and is calibrated for that product. The calibration is fixed and never needs adjusting. There are no handles to attach or wheels to adjust.

Each handy spreader feeds or treats an area up to 2,500 square feet. GreenView Ready2Go spreader refill bags offer an additional 2,500 square feet of coverage each. The new hand-carried spreader requires no measuring and never needs emptying or maintenance. The unit comes with four AA batteries that can easily be replaced as needed. Leftover product is stored right in the spreader, which fits easily on a shelf.

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Battery-powered Ready2Go Spreader
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Refillable container—use again and again

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