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Greenview Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer 30-0-12

Fertilizes your lawn in the fall for up to 12 weeks without phosphate

$29.99 / 5,000 sq ft      find store

  • Unlike competitive brands, one application provides the right amount of nitrogen for the entire fall  season!!
  • 60% slow release nitrogen fertilizes up to 12 weeks.  Slow release nitrogen provides your lawn with controlled, steady nutrition over a longer period of time, resulting in thicker, healthier grass. 
  • Repairs summer damage 
  • No excess growth, less mowing!
  • Provides a full root system for a healthier, greener lawn
  • Zero Phosphate to comply with local areas that restrict phosphate use

Best time to apply:

The best time to apply is in early fall.  The grass should be dry when applied and the product should be watered in to achieve maximum results.  Application can be made using all makes and models of spreaders (drop or broadcast).  Check the product label link for spreader settings for the most common spreaders.



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