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Summer Newsletter 2007

Lawn lost its luster?

green lawn
Rich green lawn
© Purdue University

If your lawn looks washed out, it could be suffering from a lack of nitrogen.

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Brown spots or red patches may signal summer lawn disease

Dollar spot in lawn
Dollar Spot
© Cornell University

Lawn diseases are among the most difficult to diagnose. Many are opportunistic, which means the conditions have to be just right for them to occur. Those conditions may include too much rain, poor drainage, cool wet temperatures or heat stress.

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Tips for summer lawn care

Home with lawn showing signs of drought
Lawn showing signs of drought.
Photo courtesy Purdue University

It is best to let the lawn go dormant during the hot, dry weather. When the grass is dormant though, there are still a few things to watch out for such as insects and foot traffic.

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Astonish your friends with Greenview lawn products

You wanted proof that your fertilizer is the best. Well here you go. I have a friend who is in the landscaping business and he was wondering what fertilizer I had already applied this spring to make my grass look so good. I said it was Greenview's Fall fertilizer that I applied late October last year. He was astonished. Proof is in the pudding. This is the reason why I subscribe to your product.
-P.R. | Washington


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