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GreenView Lawn and Landscape Tips Spring 2013 Newsletter

Spring 2013

henbit and clover weeds in lawn

How to get your weedy lawn under control

It's astonishing how fast weeds can gain a foothold in the lawn. Don't let the weeds outcompete the grass.

Here are some tips to help you mount a good weed defense for your lawn.


hot peppers growing in pots

No garden needed: Growing vegetables in containers

No room in the yard to dig a vegetable garden? No matter. Most vegetables grow just as well in containers as in the ground – sometimes better, and with fewer threats from weeds and animals.

Learn how easy it can be to grow veggies in your space.


impatiens and sweet potato vine in hanging basket

How to grow glorious hanging baskets

Hanging flower baskets are increasingly popular as a way to add eye-level color to decks and porches – without the fuss of digging, weeding and rabbit-fighting.

Learn the keys to basket success.



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