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Spring Newsletter 2009

Landscape on a dime

Divide blubs like tulips to double spring display
Splitting bulbs, like tulips, can double your
early spring flower display.

There are some great ways to save money and still get the landscape you desire.

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Lawn Plan member’s yard lives up to city’s “emerald” nickname

Hendrick's Park in the   'Emerald City' of Eugene, OR
Scenic Eugene, OR is nicknamed the
“Emerald City” for its beautiful green grass.
Photo courtesy Hendricks Park

Greenview Annual Lawn Plan member shares his story about how his lawn turned around in one year, and his mistake when he chose to try someone else's fetilizer.

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Greenview helps turn weedy lawn green again!

The Greenview Spring fertilizer/ weed control worked better that anything I used during the past few years. I had just about given up on my lawn and your spring fertilizer fought off the weeds and brought my lawn back from the dead! Now I recommend Greenview to anyone who shows the slightest interest in lawn care. -Greg L. | North Carolina


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