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Early Spring Newsletter 2010

Preventing late season snow and ice damage

evergreens with snow
Twelve inches of snowfall covers —
but doesn't harm — these evergreen branches.
© Steve Trusty

As winter drags on and snow and ice accumulate, should you be concerned about your plants?

A lot depends on the amount and duration of the precipitation, and the condition of the plants going into winter.

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Use winter months to plan for spring

planning for spring
Drawing up plans before you head
to the garden can save time.
© Steve Trusty

Some planning before you can get outside will help you obtain the most enjoyment from your landscape and outdoor living area.

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Start the clean-up as weather permits

spring cleanup
Use care when raking around spring
flowers like these Snowdrops.

You can take advatange of warm days to start your clean-up process, but don't rush things and cause damage. Give some thought to what you can and can't do according to weather and ground conditions.

Click here for clean-up tips

Get spring color earlier

Violas exhibiting one of their many
vibrant colors.
© Steve Trusty

If you didn't plant bulbs last fall or in previous years, you can still brighten the scene with early spring color.

Click here to find out how

Prepping your equipment for spring

Mowers will perform better all season
if properly cared for.

Your equipment will last longer and do a better job of assisting you if it is properly maintained. Now is a good time to make sure your tools are in shape for your spring gardening plans and consider purchasing new ones.

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Greenview helps turn weedy lawn green again!

The Greenview Spring fertilizer/ weed control worked better that anything I used during the past few years. I had just about given up on my lawn and your spring fertilizer fought off the weeds and brought my lawn back from the dead! Now I recommend Greenview to anyone who shows the slightest interest in lawn care. -Greg L. | North Carolina


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