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Lawn Plan member's lawn goes from brown to wow - in just one year!

We’re visiting today with Joe, a proud metropolitan Detroit homeowner and a member of the GreenView Annual Lawn Plan.

Joe’s lawn is a bit less than a ½ acre and faces south, with the front yard exposed to the sun most of the day. Joe’s backyard is shaded. A combination of grasses, mostly Kentucky bluegrass, composes the lush green carpet we see today that is the envy of both his next-door neighbors!

    Joe's lawn before had large brown
              patches of grass.

Joe's lawn before Greenview
    After just one year with GreenView,
      Joe's lawn is healthy and green.

But as Joe tells us his story, the lawn was not a feature that sold him on the house. In fact, the lawn certainly made his house stand out in the neighborhood—but in a bad way. His two new neighbors, two rather competitive guys, could only hope the new owners would find a way to address the obvious and unsightly problems to help preserve the re-sale values of their homes. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was not so obvious.

Joe’s lawn was damaged with brown spots possibly caused by dog waste deposits and some unknown malady - maybe disease, maybe insects. Without further analysis, it was hard to tell what was wrong. Popular opinion was that his lawn was suffering from what’s called “dollar spot disease.” This disease, caused by a fungus, is common on golf greens, and got its name because it causes straw-colored, silver dollar-sized spots to appear, which are a bit larger on higher cut turfgrass.

But Joe, who wanted to make sure whatever he did would work and work quickly, was not satisfied with this diagnosis. He did the smart thing and had his soil tested by the Michigan State University Extension Service. The results showed a very high phosphorous level in his soil, as is common in Michigan. The experts at Michigan State recommended he use a slow-release zero-phosphate fertilizer. Energized by this news that the lawn may only require the right balance of chemical compounds, rather than a more radical and work-intensive reconstruction, Joe began to research brands of fertilizer and companies that marketed slow-release products.

GreenView was recommended, and Joe was relieved to find the GreenView Fairway Formula Zero Phosphate fertilizers he needed. Knowing he needed year-long care to get his lawn healthy and green, he signed up for an Annual Lawn Plan. “I did a lot of research ahead of time and I actually found it difficult to find reliable information about the right times to apply fertilizer.” Joe liked the Lawn Plan because, “It takes the guesswork out of when to apply fertilizer. And it works. Unlike other brands I’ve tried, I like the fact that one application is all my lawn needs for the entire spring and summer season!”

After some rather admittedly over-enthusiastic “de-thatching,” Joe got his lawn back on track by using GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer with Weed & Feed and Crabgrass Preventer Zero Phosphate 24-0-6. In the Fall, Joe uses GreenView Fairway Formula Fall Fertilizer Zero Phosphate 30-0-12. In amazement, Joe said, “It only took a couple of weeks to repair the damage using GreenView Zero Phosphate fertilizer products. I saw results in less than one month! And over the course of a year, my lawn was just as nice as my neighbors, who began to joke about competing with me.”

As a homeowner who knew little about lawns before, it was important to have reliable sources for information. “GreenView’s customer service is the best I have ever experienced! I was shocked at how quickly they respond to questions and order changes. I am extremely pleased with the difference in my lawn, and how quickly GreenView fertilizers brought my lawn back to life.”

Sadly for his neighbors, Joe and his family will be moving soon, but the new owners will have his detailed “lawn log” with his recommendation of GreenView products and the Annual Lawn Plan.

As for Joe, it’s another new home, and perhaps another new landscaping challenge for him, but with his GreenView Annual Lawn Plan already transferred to his new home, his great lawn is sure to follow him wherever he may go!

Want Joe’s results? A GreenView Annual Lawn Plan can help you get the lawn you’ve always wanted. Click here to learn more»


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